How Louisiana Lost Its Boot – Infographic

Louisiana is sinking, recent findings have highlighted how much land has been lost since the beginning of the 20th century. Built based off information gathered for an academic paper this infographic highlights how much and how quickly Louisiana wetlands are falling into the Gulf of Mexico.
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InspireHealth Media Kit

InspireHealth magazine focuses on women’s health and well being. The goal of the media kit was to sell the concept to potential advertisers through the use of images of diverse groups of women and bright, fun colors.

Trim-Tex Affordable Luxury Brochure

Having nice things doesn’t always have to break the bank. That was the message with the Trim-Tex Affordable Luxury brochure. This tri-fold highlighted the cost efficiency of using decorative vinyl beads in place of wood to build out creative and elegant interior rooms. By breaking down the cost of materials and estimated labor time, along with inspirational photos, this brochure targeted both home builders and homeowners with the knowledge they needed to budget for room upgrades.

doTerra Essential Oils

doTerra Essential Oils uses natural ingredients to promote health and wellbeing. The client wanted the cards to represent the Earth-friendly focus of the product, with a card for cooler weather and a bright colorful card for warmer seasons.

Zea Happy Hour Website Ads

With provided text and stock photography, these images were created for the Zea Happy Hour page of the restaurant website.